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Today, I encourage you to connect with a Positive Person in your life. Check in with them and make some plans or simply have a chat.

Research has proven that who we spend our time with can influence our well-being. The more positive the company we keep, the more positive we are.

When we spend time with the people in our lives who make us feel good and energised, support and encourage us and are kind, this can make us feel good and even influences us to adopt a more positive mindset.

Positivity is a magnet, positivity attracts positivity. The more positive you become the more easily you will attract the positive people and experiences into your life.

Can’t think of a positive person in your life? You will have them, sometimes it just requires some extra thought (and even maybe a a brainstorm). It may be you don’t have the confidence to reach out to them right now...

There are many online groups (especially at the moment) you can join to connect with like-minded people who share the same hobbies or passions as you. That’s where you will find some new positive people. If the idea of this fills you with dread, or you don’t feel you have the time, then maybe start by watching your favourite comedian or listening to a podcast of someone you think is inspirational, this can also uplift you and is being kind to your mind.

If you are struggling today and need to talk, you will also find many kind and positive people at the end of 24 hour national helplines (e.g. Samaritans 116 123) who may be able to help you.

Stay safe. Have a great and positive day.


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