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Letting Go & Releasing is being KIND TO YOUR MIND (and potentially others), yet it is also easier said than done. Personally, I find it quite hard to ‘let go’ purely by thinking about letting go, especially on the other side of an argument, if I am in the midst of feeling anxious, going through a stressful and uncertain time or staring fear in the face. Therefore, along my journey I have discovered a number of ‘letting go’ techniques that help me physically feel like I am letting go of the argument, the anxiety, the stress, the outdated beliefs, the judgements, or the fear. The one that I find most effective for me (and most of my clients love it to) is WIDABI (I have worked in IT for 22 years - I was always going to create an acronym at some point!)

WIDABI - Write It Down And Burn It

It is quite self explanatory but there are a few steps to follow on the image below.

Writing is a release in itself, watching the words of worry, stress, anxiety... or maybe how he/she fills the dishwasher... then burn away, can be very helpful to ‘let go’. This often leads to tears, Crying is another important tool in My Wellness Toolbox.

BE KIND TO YOUR MIND, Release and Let Go of things that are not kind to your mind.


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