Tool #26 ME (That’s YOU)

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Tool #26 ME (That’s YOU)

A few weeks ago when I was telling a friend that I was not renewing my IT contract, taking time out from Reiki & Coaching and spending the summer at the caravan and, most importantly, making the children priority, her eyes rolled back and she said ”Why are you so lucky?!”.

Once again someone attempting/making someone else feel guilty for being able to do something they wish they could do. This isn’t personal. I know that. I witness it happening all of the time.

I am lucky. I feel lucky. Yet this is not all down to luck. I am also a very hard worker, personally, professionally and emotionally. I have been for at least 23 years. I have now got to a position in my life that I am able to make choices. Choices that 13 years ago I never envisaged would be possible. I don’t feel guilty about them, because I know what it has taken to get to these choices. I’m bloody proud.

So please don’t feel guilty for your successes. The people that make you feel guilty for being able to do the things they want to do... it’s a reflection of them, not you, they don’t know how hard you’ve truly worked (and it doesn’t matter) 🙌🏻

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