My Wellness ‘Reactiv8’ Toolbox

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A Smart & Stylish  Gift Box (A5) with satin ribbon & gift tag containing; 

💫Signed copy of ‘My Wellness Toolbox’

💫Reactiv8 £75 gift voucher to be exchanged for a 75-minute consultation and treatment session. 

💫Homemade Affirmations 

💫A positivity pebble (with guidance note) 

💫Free UK Postage (International shipping costs are calculated at checkout) 

My Wellness Toolbox is very excited to be collaborating with Reactiv8 Therapy this year to offer a very unique My Wellness Reactive8 Toolbox to help you or a loved one ‘Release & Let Go’ (Tool #16)

Reactiv8 Therapy is made up of two ladies; Hannah Poulton and Rebecca Ayres, who are Leading Scar Therapists. This is more about the service they provide;

“Collectively we have over 35 years’ experience in health. Scar Therapy can help loosen and release tight scar tissue. We provide specialist gentle massage-based techniques that can be beneficial on both new and old scar tissue. Clients report their scars feel softer, smoother and less tight. We help individuals with a variety of scar related symptoms such as: pain, lack of movement due to scar tissue, numbness, itching or tightness around the scar(s) and disassociation. We work on a variety of scars, new or old, from surgeries (such as mastectomies, C sections, hip and knee surgeries and mole removals) or from accidents or self-harm. We listen, take time with each individual client and always work with the client, to ensure they are in control of their treatment plan. We look forward to welcoming you at Reactiv8 Therapy and thank you for allowing us to be part of your story. Hannah and Rebecca”

For more information about Reactiv8 Therapy take a look at